What's in Your Tool Box?

Nothing in my life is anything like it used to be. My life has been described using the analogy of a baseball game. Best case scenario, there are nine innings. Worst case, we go into overtime. Inning one started back in January 2020. I tend to over analyze information. Basically, I was in the batters’ cage warming up when everyone else was still on the bus trying to find the baseball park. A year and four months have passed. Life is the same, but different!

I’m in the bottom of the sixth. This game is not going as smoothly as expected. The prospect of a quick win faded fast on the wings of cheap promises, and a politicized pandemic. Leadership requires one to actually LEAD! If you’re wandering around the bus, socializing, and buying drinks for everyone on someone else's tab, you my dear friend are headed for the ditch. Real leaders plan the route, navigate the road ahead, and they actually DRIVE the bus. In the background of this messy game, I am driving my own bus, navigating being locked down, unlocked, relocked, quarantined, customers allowed/not allowed. So many moving parts.

Top of the seventh inning, new tools are in order! I’ve enrolled in a drawing course. I have two paintings underway that step outside my usual subject matter and style of painting. Hell, when you’re in the middle of a hurricane throw shit around. No one is going to notice. Not right away anyhow! In the middle of all this current chaos I am invisible. That is both terrifying and very liberating. Fear reminds me of the importance to keep moving forward. It is in the forward movement that I can explore change. Change is the stepping stone to success.

March brought with it the exciting news that my painting The Chair had placed FIRST in the Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre, Artists of Halton & Peel 7th Annual Juried Exhibition. In true Pauline fashion, this first-place painting hung quietly in a locked down gallery for months with no celebration, no announcements, nothing to mark this very notable achievement in this painter’s early career. I only learned of the big win upon picking up the painting. There is more. Another painting has been selected for an event this year. Once details are available, I will pass them along. I continue to work on setting up an online store and developing a selection of products. All the while trying to keep myself motivated to do some actual painting. Here I am. Top of the seventh, in the middle of a hurricane, throwing shit around and certain that I am going to come out the other side better for having dared to ride this storm out!


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