Nugget Jar

As a professional painter I am called to be creative. Sometimes, that is a really hard thing to do. In the middle of a pandemic there is little room for resignation. A few weeks back I set myself on a path that would help me gain some new creativity tools. A collector of high quality tools, my tools need to last a life time and work well in multiple scenarios. I'm looking for the ultimate creativity Swiss Army Knife! Tools are what you make of them. Some are focused on the labour of getting something done, while others plant the seeds that will bear fruit when you least expect it. There's a new addition to the studio this month. A Nugget Jar. This unique little jar will hold onto all the important things that have motivated, moved, and inspired me. Little pieces of paper will fill every crook and cranny of the jar. Over time they will record mile markers on my creative journey. I'll record important moments as they happen. Little nuggets of inspiration that will shine a light into those days when I need to remember that I am indeed creative.

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