How does your garden grow?

ummer is a time to get busy. I continue to work on the day to day operations of the studio. The boring stuff still needs to be completed. It's all the fun stuff I love to do that excites, motivates and encourages me. Sometimes the best way to get a horse out of the gate is to partner it up with one that already knows how to start the race! With a few months of planning behind me, the support and encouragement of Arts & Culture Halton Hills, I am just about ready to launch a project for Culture Days 2021. How amazing is that? I wouldn't be true to myself if there weren't also a few other projects underway in the studio. Yet another project has me sitting on the edge of my seat, anxiously waiting to make a big announcement. Seriously, it's like waiting for the glue to dry. So much to do, so little time!!! Watch for the Arts & Culture event, and the Yet to be Unveiled event announcements on my social media. Keep a day open on the weekend of Sept 24 or the weekend of Oct 1. I promise you'll be glad you did! You're going to want to come visit me IN PERSON!

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