Coping Mechanisms

Who hasn't found themselves a bit lost, wandering around in a bit of a daze lately? My life is not where I thought it would be, the past 15 months have been anything but normal. One curve ball after another. I'm still using baseball to ground myself. The seventh inning came and went with all kinds of celebrations and excitement, pitfalls and challenges. Mind you, both the good and the challenging times have found me alone, secretly consuming rather decadent baked goods. Coping mechanisms. Hot and humid days are upon us. Thunderstorms roll through the night under the cover of darkness delivering boisterous invitations to step outside. There are calming moments to be found in the middle of a storm. A cool breeze, the smell of petrichor in the air. Gentle sheets of warm rain as you run barefoot through the wet grass. It is in these quiet in-between times that peace of mind and imagination is stirred from sleep. It really isn't dark at night. There are rewards for those of us who dare to step out into the darkness. A blue gray light washes over everything. The grass is still green, just a darker shade. The clouds catch the light from near by street lamps. Every shade of gray is there to see, you just have to look. The white picket gate is harsh against all the muted colours of night. Even the spots that appear black are not. Every colour that is there during the daylight is still there in the darkness. Stepping out into the quiet of night during a break in the storm. Coping mechanisms. Striving to motivate myself to get back to the easel, I have opened the Nugget Jar. A treasure trove of positive affirmations I've written to myself over the past 7 months. Reminders of where I am heading. A reminder of all the good things that lay ahead. It’s the top of the eighth inning.

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