Changes, On-The-Move, Christmas, Creations!

November! I've been so wrapped up in projects, business plans, changes, grant writing, and creating that time has slipped by unnoticed disguised as busy. Mind you, there have indeed been a lot of changes around the studio.

Let's start with the obvious, I have moved my studio location. Same building, same address, just a little larger studio. And I mean just a "little". The footprint of my Spark Studio is slightly bigger, the wall of fame is definitely more visible to visitors, and it feels less cramped. Working on two large 3'x3' canvases at the same time requires a little more elbow room. I struggle with change. Change is good! Well thought out change is good!

Halton Hills Under Wraps finally unwrapped itself and brought my painting Garden Tools to life on a utility box at the corner of Tanners Drive and Highway 7, Acton (by the arena). I'll admit, it is absolutely incredible seeing my painting that large. A beautiful initiative by the Town of Halton Hills that brings Arts & Culture directly into the daily lives and routines of people. There are nine Wraps, all are magnificent and showcase a variety of styles and techniques.

The past seven months I've been creating a few smaller items for retail in the studio. There is now a series of hand-made greeting cards celebrating birthdays, new home, thank you and Christmas. As well, as a series of Fine Art Cards showcasing a few of my paintings are also on offer. If you're lucky, you might just be able to purchase one of the Safe Haven mugs on offer here at the studio. Only 8 mugs were produced. I've dressed them up with hot chocolate and a couple of chocolates for Christmas. They actually look pretty darn cute when paired with the Christmas card. Think gift giving.

ON THE TABLE continues. Since September 2021 a number of people have draw their stories during my event ON THE TABLE: Controlled Collaborative Creative Chaos. It is in the story telling that I find the most meaning. The pictures lead the way to discussions deep in both experience and insight. This drawing journey is teaching me a lot about the perspective of peoples faced with living during a pandemic. All age groups have contributed to this project so far. I can hardly wait to show off the final piece! Using a picnic table as the base, this gathering place now illustrates the positive, real life experiences of humans living during a pandemic. The finished piece will be auctioned off in February. More on that later. It is an awesome project, overflowing with positive stories, memories, and experiences. Contact Pauline by email to arrange a private sitting.

The air is cooling down. The clocks have turned back. The days are shorter, the darkness of winter is settling in. At the time of writing this, Christmas is just 6 weeks away. Drop by and visit me at the studio. It's so beautiful around Williams Mill. Especially during Christmas time. There are so many beautiful works of art on offer. Perfect place to shop for the holidays. ShopLocal - Shop Halton Hills! Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios, Glen Williams, Halton Hills.

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